Pond Liner Shipping Information

Pond Liner Shipping Information

Pond Liner Shipping Information

Our regular shipping & handling fee schedule does not apply to pond liners. Pond liners are heavy and therefore more expensive to ship. As such, shipping charges for pond liners are quoted separately. Please place your order, and we will get back to you with a firm freight quote or inquire before placing your order. ORDERS REQUIRING EXTRA FREIGHT CHARGES WILL ONLY BE PROCESSED ONCE YOU APPROVE THE FINAL INVOICE AMOUNT.

Pond Liners less than 70 lbs. in Weight

These can be delivered by courier directly to your residence.

Pond Liners more than 70 lbs. in Weight

Commercial truck freight delivery (= delivery to a business address) is less expensive than residential truck freight delivery. To accommodate heavy liners, the business location must be equipped with a loading dock and a forklift. It must be accessible for truck deliveries during normal business hours.

Residential truck freight delivery includes tailgate delivery to your residence (as far as your driveway) or the closest point the truck can safely reach. Truck freight companies use large, 40 ft. long semi trucks. Your residence must be easily accessible for the truck to make the delivery and turn around. All transport companies require someone to be present during delivery. We will help coordinate a delivery time with the transport company. We can, however, not guarantee delivery times and will not be held responsible for costs associated with delayed product delivery, including but not limited to labor stand-by charges or equipment rental. Tailgate delivery means that off-loading your shipment from the truck is your responsibility. Please do not expect the driver to assist. Pond liners are heavy and, depending on the weight, require at least two strong people or a forklift to off-load them from the truck. For your reference, approximate weights for all sizes (not including skids where required) are shown for each liner size. Under no circumstances will we be held liable for off-loading your product or additional delivery charges incurred if your ship-to-address is inaccessible to the delivery truck. For an additional charge, we can request a smaller truck that is equipped with a power tailgate. This will allow the liner to be lowered to the ground. Please note that our regular residential freight quotes do not include power tailgate service. Please ask for it specifically.

Please contact us for any questions you may have before placing your order.

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